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Skill training
at its absolute best!
We are ready to assist you, just call us at:
Event manager (Russia)
+7 9779641243 Stanislav
Tour booking assistances:
• Ukraine
+380 50 634 0861 Julia,

• Khazakhstan (Astana)
+77017808979 Aiman,

• Khazakhstan (Almaty)
+77071768847 Natalia,

• Germany
+49 151 20958430 Aleksandr Bechtold
The only way to get to the APL SEASONS SKY-HIGH is to book the event ticket and hotel accommodations through your BackOffice.

Associates who plan to book nearby hotels will have to pay for the Kremlin Palace entrance (100 EUR per day), and 100 EUR for the event itself.

Please note that Kremlin Palace (actual venue of the event) can restrict access to its premises for guests that stay in other hotels without any reasons.

APLGO is only able to admit the exact number of guests to the event that corresponds to the actual number of tickets sold in the BackOffice. This is important because we have some special gifts in store for all Associates who are attending the event.

You won’t be able to get a ticket at the doors, or any other way except through your back office. Don't miss out!

Tickets sale and hotel booking available up to April 1st, 2021.
Perfect combination
Turkey is hosting
the APLGO forum in 2021
In 2019, about 1,000 APLGO Associates attended APL SEASONS and upgraded their business to a new level. That was a breakthrough no one expected.
How do I design my Big Business Seminar (BBS) to make the audience fall in love with the Company?
What do I need to know about APLGO products?
What does APLGO product certifications mean for consumers?
What is unique about the new APLGO product and how to sell it?
How to become best at running your APLGO business?
How to use the BackOffice to your benefit?
How do I use the new business tools and corporate materials?
How do I create a dream team? And much more!
Have a glimpse of APL SEASONS 2019 in our video (please be advised that the video is in Russian).
Only up-to-date and effective skills for your business! Latest networking marketing news and updates! Priceless motivation from the APLGO President & Founder! Emotions and experience that will push you to reach new heights!
Testimonials from APL SEASONS participants
as they witnessed it

APL SEASONS 2021 took place at the amazing ASTERIA KREMLIN PALACE Hotel. It's built like the Moscow Kremlin right on the Mediterranean seaside.

There is even a smaller version of the Bolshoy Theatre on the premises! The Interior design of the hotel is luxurious and impressive, it makes you feel as if you're on a movie set! APLGO chose this hotel again because of the amazing conference hall and for APLGO Associates’ convenience.

Accommodation manager +7 (977) 964-12-43 Stanislav
Send your request to take part in the event at: apl_seasons@aplgo.com
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